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Franchise in a Box has become the leaders in the franchise consulting industry over the years through “one stop” shopping for coordinated strategic planning and legal, as well as operations and marketing services all under one roof. Our clients dreams became a reality as we guided them through the franchising process.

We want to hear your story. If you have a great idea, let us help you franchise it, and profit from it. You could be our next success story.

Do you want to franchise your Business?

Franchise in a Box offers the complete solution. We have designed a pain free process to evolve your business into a franchise business. We would build your brand with all the processes required to become a franchise. This Solution will supply you with all the basic steps that are time consuming if you do it yourself. Let our team of experts do it for you and make this experience enjoyable and exciting.

Is your business franchisable?

Franchising is a relatively flexible format, and just about any type of business can be franchised, provided it meets some basic characteristics:

  • It needs to be unique.
  • Has been a going concern for at least a year.
  • It needs to be teachable.
  • It needs to provide an adequate return.

If your business meets these criteria, then it may be a good candidate for franchising.

Is franchising an excellent expansion method?

Franchising offers a number of significant benefits and solutions:

  • Expansion Capital – Franchisees furnish most of the capital required for the franchisor’s expansion – equity, business loans -setup inventory, pre-opening and ongoing working capital.
  • Management – Unlike a typical employed manager, the franchisee makes a financial and personal investment in the business and therefore, remains highly motivated.
  • Time to Market – Because the franchisee provides the expansion capital and local management, the franchisor can expand at a faster rate than if the franchisor was required to raise the needed expansion capital, recruit and train local management

Is assistance by a professional essential?

Generally, the answer must be a resounding” yes“. Seeking input from an expert in franchising will bring an extra perspective to the business to be franchised and help the prospective franchisor understand the intricacies of a complicated process. It is essential to speak to an expert that offers the whole package.