Training is the cornerstone of a successful franchise brand

One of the challenges new franchisees face begins soon after the franchise agreement is signed: hiring and training employees. The success of each franchised unit depends on the quality and behavior of its employees. And it’s hard to find a franchise concept that doesn’t need employees to function.

The challenge is especially acute at retail concepts, where front-line employees are the face of the brand, dealing directly with every customer every day. We’re all familiar with the stereotypical fast food employee: a pimply faced, mumbling adolescent who has trouble making change for a quarter, much less making a quarter-pounder.

In practice, everything an employee does makes an impression on each client or customer, creating satisfaction and loyalty or driving them to a competing brand. For franchisees, it’s all about managing the “customer experience,” and training employees in the ways to deliver it, in every transaction, every day. In other words, the success of your franchise business is directly related to the quality of your employees’ behaviors and attitudes.

Any franchisor truly interested in their franchisees’ success will provide training in how to hire and train employees. We have developed courses that are standardized. However we do develop franchisor specific courses. We do the training if required or train the trainer.

Training Modules

These are samples of courses available.

  • Staff Induction Module- Franchisor specific;
  • Occupational Health and Safety;
  • Customer Service Module-Industry Specific;
  • Marketing Principals;
  • Sales training;
  • Stock control and stock management;
  • Business Plan Training and Business Management;
  • HR Module; and
  • Standard operating Procedures -Franchisor Specific.

Franchisor specific- Means that the course has to be further developed.

Contact us if you require any assistants for training and we will customize the information required with your business. Contact Robin 0824511604 or