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Are you ready to Franchise Your Business?


You have a business and you are thinking of Franchising.  The first question to ask yourself is, “Can I replicate the uniqueness of my business?” If the answer is yes, you are in the right place.

We walk the franchise highway with you, by assisting you with Formulating and preparing your documents required to Franchise including the disclosure documents and your franchise agreement, to be able to sell franchise businesses to potential franchisees.  We also guide you with the process of rollout, design of stores or businesses, project Management, Stock-logistics, Store locations.

Walking the Franchise Highway Together

Franchise in a Box offers the complete solution. We have designed a pain free process to develop your business into a franchise business. We would reinforce your brand with all the processes required to become a franchise. This Solution will supply you with all the basic steps that are time consuming if you had do it yourself. Let our team of experts do it for you and make this experience enjoyable and exciting.

Why Should You Franchise Your Business?

If you want to expand, but lack the money, the people and the time, it may be time to think about franchising. Trouble sleeping at night wondering who will knock off your operation first? Tired of reading about companies and thinking, “I have a better franchise concept than that company”? Then do something and contact us for advise.

Can you Franchise Your Business?

Franchising is a relatively flexible format, and just about any type of business can be franchised, provided it meets some basic characteristics:

  • The business needs to be unique.
  • The business has been a going concern for at least a year.
  • Can the business be teachable to other business owners?
  • The business needs to provide an adequate return on Investment.

If your business meets these criteria, then it may be a good candidate for franchising.

Franchising Benefits And Solutions

Expansion Capital

Franchisees furnish most of the capital required for the franchisor’s expansion – equity, business loans -setup inventory, pre-opening and ongoing working capital.


Unlike a typical employed manager, the franchisee makes a financial and personal investment in the business and therefore, remains highly motivated.

Time to Market

Because the franchisee provides the expansion capital and local management, the franchisor can expand at a faster rate than if the franchisor was required to raise the needed expansion capital, recruit and train local management

We want to hear your Story. If you have a great idea, let us help you franchise it, and expand your brand to a national brand.
You could be our next success story.

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